Saturday, February 26, 2011

Love by Name

Although I have known for many years that I have a great name, spring semester has only taught me something new. I have known for a long time that I my name can be diced up multiple ways to receive multiple nicknames.

But I never anticipated it's greater potentials. As a very determined student I was reviewing my graduation requirements, checking off my fulfilled General Education classes, also known as Gen Eds.

And that was the moment of inspiration. Suddenly I had not just realized the greater potential of a university but I have found the way to find my man. I need to marry a man named Ed. Since I don't plan on getting married for a goodly many years, and to have a doctorate, and to marry a man with similar qualifications, I would, as Dr. Genevieve, be promoting higher education every time you introduced me and my husband at parties, "This is Gen, Ed".

I was on the brink of deleting all male contacts that did not have this important qualification (which sadly would have been all of them) when I confided my plan in my friend Jess and her fiance. They were a little dubious about my plan. They urged me to consider one of their friends for a blind date, name of Eric.

I assured them that this would never do, as I said "Gen, Eric" didn't work, but in saying it, I found that it did. My world was looking up again.

Jess and Parker, sweethearts that they are, thus came up with a whole list of potential suitors, supposing of course, that I can find eligible bachelors of this name.

Some of their options will require that the hostess almost forget my husband's name whenever we are introduced, as in "Gen, er, Earl".

But I can't be selfish and always claim the first spot. What about a boy named Ox? If you introduce him first, "Ox an' Gen". And suddenly, as Jess revealed this, a whole table of elements became possibility. I could marry a science geek, and still promote education. Hydro. Nitro. Bio.

With this inspiration I was coming up with great possibilities. Get a boy named something like Emery or Emmet, whose last name starts with c. "Emer, Gen C." If we ever got in an accident we would be conveyed to the hospital in the most efficient manner possible. Our name would serve as our condition. I don't have to be too picky about the guys birth name even. I mean, David from Delta went by Storm. So what is there to stop a boy going by Twig (and with the prevalence of inanimate objects making their way into names like Rope, Apple, River, and Dock, I am not even ruling out the boy being named Twig). Then we could open a store called TwigGen (twiggen is a real word) that specializes in furniture. The possibilities seemed endless.

I was ecstatic until I realized that there was only one slight problem. All the boys seem to be antigens. Suddenly I felt like a cryogen and so I released myself to the world of pathogens.

Suddenly the desire to be a hermit increased by ten fold. How about Copenhagen?

Well, I really should get to studying more seriously, considering that I have a mere three midterms next week. Until I earn enough money to deplore my single state in foreign countries, I'll just be a collagen.